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Welcome wildlife warriors, ocean lovers and animal advocates. 



Naomi is an underwater photographer and videographer specialising in megafauna on the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef.  

Naomi fell in love with the underwater world at age 13 and spent her time diving 

Irelands rugged and beautiful coastline. Always with a camera in hand, Naomi turned her passion into a career when she moved to Coral Bay, Western Australia.

Working as a freedive photographer on megafauna tours, Naomi's images are mostly taken on breath hold and with natural light, allowing for unique interactions with wildlife. 


Her goal is to tell the story of the underwater world and everything connected to it in the hope of sparking a passion in everyone to protect our watery planet and its inhabitants. Naomi photographs nature in all its forms but her favourite animal to be in the water with has to be sharks. Naomi hopes she can change perceptions of these animals before it's too late. The hope is that the more people see how misunderstood these important animals are, fear can be changed into awe and ignorance into obsession, because people tend to protect what they love. 

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Naomi Rose is without a doubt one of Irelands most extremely talented exports to Australia.

- Australian Embassy, Ireland

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